are you Ready
to shine?

We all have a story that we'd like to keep telling. Whether it's an epic love story for the ages, reminiscing about the first days following your child's birth, or even just a really great pool party you had with your friends last year... I want to hear yours, and then I want to help you (and your loved ones) get to see it the way you always have.

Memories are so important to us as a society - why not cement those into beautiful images and heirloom products that your family can adore for decades to come?

That’s my mission. Bring all of the light, love, and warmth in your life to the table, capture it in a photograph, and help you find the perfect way to display it in your home. 

Everyone deserves to feel like sunshine.

- Sally Mann

"Unless you photograph what you love, you're not going to make good art."

Boy, do I believe that. I have spent years honing in on the photographs I enjoy making for clients. While still focusing on celebrations of life achievements or expansion of families, I am able to bring a real truthfulness to the images I spend time creating. 

Yes, we will pose. Yes, you will feel silly part of the time. Yes, I promise that at the end, we will have photos that show your soul. 

And yes, I will love every minute of it.

the "Important" things

the ~Important~ things

All About Jordan

•Bachelor's in Fine Arts/Photography
•Woman owned & operated
•10 years portraiture experience
•Local boudoir studio
•Beautiful previous galleries on display

•LGBTQIA+ friendly
•BLM Supporter
•Leftist hippie lady
•Trauma-informed photographer