are you Ready
to shine?

We all have a story that we'd like to keep telling. Whether it's an epic love story for the ages, reminiscing about the first days following your child's birth, or even just a really great pool party you had with your friends last year... I want to hear yours, and then I want to help you (and your loved ones) get to see it the way you always have.

Memories are so important to us as a society - why not cement those into beautiful images and heirloom products that your family can adore for decades to come?

That’s my mission. Bring all of the light, love, and warmth in your life to the table, capture it in a photograph, and help you find the perfect way to display it in your home. 

Everyone deserves to feel like sunshine.

- Sally Mann

"Unless you photograph what you love, you're not going to make good art."

Boy, do I believe that. I have spent years honing in on the photographs I enjoy making for clients. While still focusing on celebrations of life achievements or expansion of families, I am able to bring a real truthfulness to the images I spend time creating. 

Yes, we will pose. Yes, you will feel silly part of the time. Yes, I promise that at the end, we will have photos that show your soul. 

And yes, I will love every minute of it.

the "Important" things

the ~Important~ things

All About Jordan

•Bachelor's in Fine Arts/Photography
•Woman owned & operated
•10 years portraiture experience
•Local boudoir studio
•Beautiful previous galleries on display

•LGBTQIA+ friendly
•BLM Supporter
•Leftist hippie lady
•Trauma-informed photographer

Betsy, 2020

"I expressed to Jordan how nervous I was leading up to taking them and she did an amazing job making me feel like a beautiful and strong woman in a setting that is so vulnerable.
I would recommend her 10000x over for doing a shoot like this. she showed me a side of myself I had never seen or appreciated. You will not regret this investment. Do it!!"


Meghann, 2020

"This was probably one of my favorite experiences! Jordan is so amazing at what she does and made me feel amazing (and beautiful and sexy!)! And the photos were 🔥. Do this! You will not regret it ❤️"


Haley, 2019

"Jordan did such a great job with our engagement photos! She made us feel very comfortable and we love our pictures!!💛"


Elexa, 2019

"I love my shots SO MUCH. I really want to THANK YOU for taking care of me, and making me feel sensual, and helping me come into a true knowing of my body's beauty ❤ Love love love love love."


DaJanae, 2019

"This was the best photo shoot experience I've ever had. Make sure yall book. Jordan is the kindest, sweetest, most wonderful woman. She made me feel incredibly safe and comfortable and the photos show it. BOOK WITH HER. 💓"


Jenna, 2021

"Jordan has been my go-to photographer for any and all special occasions throughout the years. When she’s behind the lens, she makes me feel comfortable and like I can just be myself. I always know the photos will turn out stunning and that she always seems to capture my best self! The energy and love this lady puts into her work is incomparable! Thank you Lifeleak Visuals! 💛"


Nikki, 2020

"Such an amazing experience. I felt beautiful and confident in my body for the first time since giving birth. Jordan is so fun to work with. She really makes you feel comfortable and stunning. I love the angles that she’s able to capture and how freaking awesome she is at editing. ♥️ You need to do this for yourself"


"I had a lovely shooting experience with Jordan—she made me feel beautiful and powerful. 💗 She is very passionate about what she does, you can feel it in your sessions with her. If you are nervous going into a session with her, she does an amazing job at creating a comfortable, free and welcoming environment. I honestly suggest her as a photographer—especially for boudoir—you’ll have a magical experience. ✨"


Destiny, 2021

Sarah, 2020

"Jordan has taken photos for me a couple of times and will be the first person I call when booking my next photo session! She is a very genuine person who strives to capture the image that you desire and does everything she can to create an amazing experience for you. She makes you feel comfortable and confident behind the lens and her passion for photography shows in the outcome of her hard work and dedication to her clientele."


Katalina, 2020

"I’ve never felt so confident in my LIFE! Jordan made me feel so comfortable and welcome and most importantly, beautiful! If anyone is considering booking, they SHOULD!"


"Thank you Jordan for such an amazing experience through my first boudoir session!! I am so excited for another shoot to develop self love and confidence!
You have never disappointed me with your stunning art or your support throughout the process of our sessions!"


Sadie, 2020

Bree, 2021

"There were times during my session where I forgot I was naked in front of a stranger 😆 But that’s because Jordan is one of those people that instantly feels like a friend. She is professional but personable, extremely talented, and an all around gem of a person and photographer. She is very thoughtful about creating the best experience, like being considerate of pronouns and trauma history. I absolutely recommend Lifeleak Visuals if you’re looking for a boudoir photographer."


Jennifer, 2019

"Jordan did a wonderful, beautiful job with my photos. I don’t usually like any photos of me so even though I knew I needed new photos I wasn’t looking forward to the shoot! She made it so fun and listened to all the things that I was looking for and my photos are amazing! I love the way I look in them!"


Elexa, 2020

"Jordan is trustworthy, inspired, technically proficient and comfortable to work with. Her photographs are featured on my musical album, Music is Medicine. The genuine quality of her real film work presents a deeper texture than digital can offer. I will continue to work with Jordan and I look forward to the images we continue to create together."


Cheyenne, 2020

"Oh my goodness, I had so much fun during my shoot - I was so confident and at ease that I surprised myself. The photos turned out great and I love having those memories to look back at if I need a confidence boost. I can't thank you enough for the beautiful pictures."


Sadie, 2019

"Jordan is an amazing artist who helped create beautiful memories for my family and I. I have had her shoot many sessions for myself and I’ve always loved the results. She always delivers stunning work. The way she made me so comfortable is just one reason I keep going back. She knows just what to do and what to say to make you laugh, to feel like yourself and just simply beautiful. The work speaks for itself."