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Parks Wedding, 2021

These lovebirds moved into the home where their picturesque backyard wedding took place not long before the grounds were full of their closest family and friends, ready to celebrate their union. This day was so beautiful, from the clear Kansas skies as a backdrop to the native plant gardens they inherited, to the obvious love swirling in the air. Emmy + Jordan's day was intimate, quaint, and downright magical.

Investment: starting from $1200


Corrie, 2021

In late December, I offered a few "Just-the-Sheets" sessions on my instagram story (@lifeleak.visuals), and Corrie decided to sign up! We shot for a little less than an hour, and I think that we were able to create some absolutely stunning images. These kinds of sessions are timeless and are a part of all of my normal boudoir packages, but it was nice to simplify and forget all about lingerie for a day. 

Investment: starting from $555


Bays Family, 2021

Whenever the Bays family calls for me to photograph them, I come running. I was lucky enough to photograph their first daughter's trip Earthside (the second one was too quick for me!) and I feel a special connection to my ability to provide memories of milestones for them to cherish forever. Last summer's session theme? Sunflowers and dinosaurs. Duh.

Investment: starting from $299


Hayes Engagement, 2021

These lovebirds are getting married in the summer of 2022, but we took advantage of the martian prairie landscape of autumn to have a little picnic amongst the chert and dried grasses from the summer before. We all warmed up with some spiced rum and a hand made charcuterie board while the two of them smooched until the sun went down. Can't you hear Chris Stapleton singing in the background while you look at these photos? Or is that just me...?

Investment: starting from $299


Nicole, 2021

This babe is always, and I mean ALWAYS, down for an adventure. So on this day, we loaded up some outfits into my Jeep (rip ole blue), and went frolicking in the tallgrass. Whenever I encounter something that seems mundane from my childhood, like rows of haybales, I do my darndest to create imagery with it that is worthy of my own approval. With Nicole as a muse, and that big Kansas sky in the background, how could I go wrong?

Investment: starting from $299